Fort Lewis Fire Dept Exercise

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Jeff Coffey stands in a smoke-filled room as a team of Fort Lewis firefighters works to ventilate a house and extinguish a simulated fire Aug 12.


Paramedic Chris Rhude (foreground) and firefighter Nick Jerrel prepare to enter a smoke filled room during a simulated fire exercise Aug 12.


Chris Rhude, Tracy Finch and Jeff Coffey (left to right) work to ventilate the second floor of a house and extinguish a simulated fire during an Aug 12 exercise.


Trail Runner Portrait

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Trail runner Ed Parnell will be running the 93-mile Wonderland Trail at Mount Rainier National Park next month for a charity helping special operations Soldiers. Parnell aims to complete the trail, which usually takes 10 to 14 days, in only 24 hours.

14th Engr. Bn. Return Ceremony

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Deric Miller, 2,  and James Jordan, 5, stand holding a sign for Miller’s father Spc. James Miller before a return ceremony for the 14th Engineer Battalion, July 4.


Soldiers from the 14th Engr. Bn. are revealed from behind a curtain during a return ceremony at Wilson Sports and Fitness Center.


Carrie Miller hugs her cousin, Rachel Pacheco, as Soldiers from the 14th Engr. Bn. are revealed to waiting families and friends at a return ceremony, Saturday. Pacheco’s husband, Sgt. David Pacheco, returned with the battalion from a 15-month deployment to Iraq.


Soldiers from the 14th Engr. Bn. salute during the national anthem at a return ceremony for the battalion, July 4.


Chief Warrant Officer 2 Ken Sinker embraces his children, Michael and Trinity, while his wife, Susan, looks on at the return ceremony for the 14th Engr. Bn., Saturday.


Pfc. Robert Giogaia and his wife, Stephanie, embrace during the return ceremony for the 14th Engr. Bn.

Down & Dirty 8K Mud Run

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Jeremy Purcell low crawls through a mud pit during the Down & Dirty 8K Mud Run behind Soldiers Field House Saturday.


Gerald Lucier crawls through one of three mud pits during the Down and Dirty 8k Mud Run Saturday.

Hammer Thrower

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Hammer thrower Mike Mai finished third at the U.S. national championships and will compete Aug. 15-23 at the world track and field championships in Berlin.

Fort Lewis Bodybuilding Competition

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Brianna Ybarra prepares for prejudging before heading on stage.


A female competitor poses for judges.



Doug Stehley flexes his biceps for judges.



Matthew Johnson flexes between two competitors.


Eric Wilson poses during prejudging.


Matthew Johnson and overall men’s winner John Stockwell face off for judges.


Competitors in the women’s figure division pose for judges.

710th EOD Co. Return

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Joseph West shows his father, Staff Sgt. Matthew West of 710th EOD Co., his shirt, which reads “My Dad is My Hero.” The company returned Monday after 15 months in Iraq.


Families greet Soldiers of 710th EOD Co., June 1, as the company returned from a 15-month deployment to Iraq.